Usb 3.1 Gen1 & Lightning Dual Flash Drive 32GB Apacer AH790 Silver RP


iPhone & iPad Memory Too Full?Did you ever have to hold back from filming, taking a photo, or enjoying video entertainment on your device, because of insufficient memory? Easy File Sharing with Dual Interface. AH790 is equipped with Apple Lightning and USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A dual interface, allowing prompt and simple data transfers between iOS devices and PCs.The Lightning connector is built extra long to ensure no covers ever had to be removed off a phone during insertion. Zinc Alloy Aesthetics Handsomely encased in zinc alloy, AH790 even has the flexibility to be added with your favorite accessory for a personalized look.
360-Degree Swivel Cap Design The 360-degree swivel cap is designed to pause at four directions to make the spin more precise, always keeping the Lightning connector protected when not in use. Apple MFi Certified: a Promise of Quality. Certified by Apple MFi, AH790 functions with a superb quality. Users can rest assured and enjoy their digital life with iOS products. Easy File Management with iFileBridge App Apacer iFileBridge is an exclusive app that offers a simple, user-friendly interface to make video plays, data backup, and file sharing as easy as a few finger movements. Easy One-touch Backup Feature AH790 is built to overcome memory limitations in Apple products. The

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